MIB at the Garside Building

MIB at the Garside Building

The MIB is based at the John Garside Building, a purpose-built interdisciplinary research institute, and home to a unique multi- and inter-disciplinary community of researchers trained in physics, chemistry, mathematics, computation, engineering and biology committed to working across discipline boundaries.

Design promotes interaction

Construction began in 2003 and was completed in early 2006. The architecture of the MIB reflects the needs of interdisciplinary science, featuring open-plan, multifunctional laboratories and a wide range of high-tech facilities as well as generously proportioned meeting and atrium areas to promote interaction, spontaneous discussion and shared research.

State of the art design

The Institute provides state-of-the art research and support space for approximately 600 research staff and up to 75 research groups over five floors, a total of 13,100 m2 (£38M). The building is split into a modular open lab block wrapped by a more free form office/support block. The void space between these two elements forms an atrium, around which write-up areas, meeting spaces, display areas and Interface Cafe are clustered.

The Manchester Institute of Biotechnology was made possible by funding from the Wellcome Trust and the Wolfson Foundation.

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