The MIB operates between disciplines and faculties in a culture that transcends all boundaries and fosters a sense of community required to generate innovation at the interfaces.The MIB works in partnership with all four Faculties of The University of Manchester, and all group leaders in the Institute are members of Schools within the University. Our work is fully integrated into the research strategy of the University with the MIB providing the skills, infrastructure and culture to develop and establish multi-skilled interdisciplinary teams with critical mass. This generates unique capabilities in biotechnology research that cannot be realised through virtual associations between academic or research units as well as provides a highly attractive training environment.

Office of the Director

Nigel Scrutton
T: (0)161 306 5152

Lesley-Ann Miller
Communications Manager and Executive Assistant to the Director
T: (0)161 306 8917

Administration Support

Jake Hankinson

Reception and Administration Support
T: 0161 306 5200

Christopher Cowan
Administration Assistant
T: 0161 306 8713

The MIB administration support team is managed by Lesley-Ann Miller, whose role is to ensure effective and efficient administrative support for the MIB’s research and promotional activities in a manner that complies with the strategic objectives of the MIB in addition to working closely with the Director and other academic colleagues and managers to ensure the smooth running of the Institute.

The administration support team provide assistance with all aspects of conference and seminar planning and management, coordination of meetings and social events and servicing of MIB committees in addition to providing administrative support to academic staff and research groups housed in the MIB.

Research and Planning

Louise Barnes
Research Development Manager
T: (0)161 306 5122

Louise is responsible for monitoring, managing and promoting the research and training activities of the MIB, the development of research strategy and advising and supporting academic staff in the preparation of a diverse range of grant applications as well as collaborative agreements with industry, monitoring of research income and outputs, including reports and statistics and communication with academic and industrial partners in the UK and abroad.

Safety and Risk Management

MIB Safety and Risk Manager
T: (0)161 306 5187

Core Support Services

Support Services Manager
Janet England
T: (0)161 306 2584

Janet is responsible for the development and maintenance of all core support services within the MIB managing a team of laboratory and technical support staff. Core services include stores, mechanical and electronic workshops and media and glassware. MIB houses a number of specialist facilities, details of which can be found on the MIB website.

In addition, Janet is the Health and Safety Advisor to the MIB and the main contact for all aspects of estates and building management including maintenance, cleaning and security.

Anthony Carden | Carl Roach
T : +44 (0)161 306 4213
E :

Mechanical Workshop
Dave Charlesworth
T : +44 (0)161 306 4181
E :

Electrical Workshop
Alan Kniveton
T : +44 (0)161 306 4473
E :

Barry Comerford | Alan Burke
T : +44 (0)161 306 4180 / +44 (0)161 306 5182
E :
E :

Support Services Technician

Raymond Campbell
E :

Garside Building, main entrance border