MIB Research Fellowships

MIB research fellowships

The MIB is promoting new career track research fellowships at the interface between engineering, the physical sciences and bioscience. We are encouraging applications from proactive individuals keen to participate in interdisciplinary research and to interact in key societal and strategic research areas of interest to the MIB.

We offer outstanding research facilities in a unique infra-structure, research environment and culture, all specifically designed to remove the barriers between disciplines and to promote innovative science.

We offer an attractive fellowship extension scheme for fellows bringing in 4-5 years of external funding (regardless of the source of the fellowship, BBSRC/EPSRC etc), whereby we will top up fellowships by 1 or 2 years additional support. We are confident in the quality of the fellows we wish to recruit and recognise the importance of stability at this career stage to enable our fellows to reach their full potential. Additional start up monies may also be available depending on the nature and level of the externally funded research fellowship. These fellowships are seen as early stage entry into independent academic careers at Manchester.

Throughout the 6-year period you will benefit from close manager and mentor support from senior colleagues in the MIB. The MIB houses approx 60 academics/fellows from across the University committed to research at the bioscience interface. You will become a member of one of the University Faculties [Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) or Science and Engineering (SE)].

Existing Fellows

We also welcome enquiries from existing research fellows interested in moving their fellowships to the MIB, and believe that we can provide a superb spring board to move your research forward.

Application procedure

Applications will be welcome at any time during the year. To be considered for this scheme prospective fellows should send a brief curriculum vitae and a one page summary of their research interests to Dr Ros Le Feuvre.

New Research Fellows in the MIB

The MIB welcomes its latest research fellows who joined the institute over the last 12 months – Michael Buckley, Sam Hay, Christopher Blanford and Neil Dixon.

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